Cómo me gustaría decirle que no

Cesar Deneken

Cesar Deneken  is Director, Actor, Dramaturg and  a Cultural Manager.

He has a degree in Drama; and has completed the period of the Doctorate

"Sciences of the show" also a Master in Cultural Management.

 In 2010 he co-founded El Jinete Verde, space for arts, where he is

Professor of Scenic Interpretation, Interpretation on camera and

Corporal Expression since it opened; and wherein manages three

annual performing schedules.

Currently he is a professor in the Master of Live Entertainment

(MAEV) Science, Faculty of Philology, University of Sevilla.

He made his first publication, with his play "Mis Días Son Tus

Días (My days are Your Days)" in New York in 2015. He has received

numerous awards, including: 9 awards for different own plays.

Winner two consecutive times of the "Fondo Nacional de las Artes

de Chile (FONDART)"; and winner of the "Jury Award for the Best

Short Film of the Year at the Sundance Channel Spain Short

FilmFest" and Special Mention at the "Sundance London Film and

Music Fest 2014" with the short film "I Like Virgins" where he

worked as the writer, director and lead actor.


Cómo me gustaría decirle que no (2014)

Pablo and Laura are a couple who go to therapy to improve their relationship.

"How I would say no" is a comedy that delves into the problems of the couple and their absurd everyday