Le Parody

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Le Parody

Le Parody (pronounced le paro' di) is the musical project of Sole Parody, the Spanish musician whose blood runs between Italy and Andalucia and whose music pulses with the impossible, ethereal combination of electro-glitch, pop, and folk. Le Parody’s sound resides somewhere in the space between Sole’s native Granada and the deserts of California. She only uses instruments that fit in a small suitcase: a ukulele, a sampler, a glockenspiel, some wires and pedals. Cuban trumpet player Frank Santiuste joins her in her trip through venues.

West Deserts (2012)

WEST DESERTS (desiertos del oeste) is one of the first songs ever published by Le Parody. It is part of the album CÁSALA (sound track), released November 2012. The music video was shot in a road trip accross La Mancha (Spain), by Begoña Olavarrieta.