Letras Pequeñas

Jaime Puerta

Jaime Puerta was born and raised in Granada (Spain). At the age of fifteen he wrote his first screenplay and started his career as film director and actor.

He directed his first short "Esto no es un osito de peluche" in 2005 and worked as an actor in theatre, film and television acting on the tv shows "Arrayán", "El cor de la ciutat", "Betty, la fea" and "El Comisario", the feature films "Libera-T" among others.

In 2008 Puerta joined Audiovisual Communication at the Univesitat Oberta de Catalunya been awarded by the Junta de Andalucía with the excellence scholarship Talentia to study film directing at the New York Film Academy in New York.

Since he moved to the Big Apple in 2009 he has written and directed the shorts "Letras Pequeñas," also acting in, and "La Interna," has directed music videos for Jean Paul, Astrobotnia and UFO kidnappers and a commercial for Apple's MacBook Pro and iPad. Nowadays, he is preparing "Aurora" the feature-based short film inspired on Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question."

Letras Pequeñas (2013)

Anton has passed away. After his wake he wonders about his legacy. What was the purpose of his films? He will get the answer after Diane and Mary's meeting. Both were lovers while Diane was married. Her marriage, her social position and the homosexual relationship stopped Diane to break with everything and love Mary as Mary does. Both will find the last end to this old and unfinished relationship.