Vanessa Calderon

Vanessa Calderon is an actress, choreographer and artistic director based in New York City.

Besides her recent collaboration with Deborah Geffner (All That Jazz, A Chorus Line…) Vanessa has signed a contract with X-Plain to be their face and image for their new clothing collection. She just also finished shooting Taking East New York, a TV pilot produced by Ice-T. Among her recent work, she choreographed a music video for Million Hoodies Movement directed by Daniel Maree and music by Jay Z.

Before moving to New York, Vanessa was already one of the most multidisciplinary artists of the spanish scene. Her career started out when she starred “Defectos” (Pedro del Oso) from which she received the Best Actress Award at La Fila Film Festival and was nominee for “Hammet & Hammet” at Radio-TV Digital Festival.

Thanks to her work in the feature film “La Reina de Tapas” and the short film “INSANIA” both directed by the Spanish Filmmaker Daniel Diosdado, Vanessa gained recognition by her talent and creativity in the international film festivals and markets. She won the Best Actress Award at 2014 KO&Digital Film Festival for her leading role in INSANIA (written by Vanessa and Daniel Diosdado).

The present and future for this multifaceted artist is bound to the development of projects with social content. For that she created DeMotionAct technique, using the language of Acting Through Emotional Dance on Film from the work and research she did for “3’30” DK”.


Vanessa's challenge is to move people's soul by her work as a performing actress and choreographer. 

Change the world before the world changes you.